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Please clarify the usage of 90863 Pharmacologic management.  I thought this codes was only to be used for prescribing psychologist. I looked in the 2013 cpt book and it indicated code can be used as an add on code with e/m and psychotherapy.

Is it possible that a physician can potentially bill    90863 99213 90833



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That is the new med management code which is ONLY to be used by prescribing psychologists--not MDs/DOs.  Not sure how it could be added to combo e/m psychotherapy code, unless pscyhologists can do E/M, but they can't, right?  PJ.
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Correct, Psychologist cant bill e/m codes. I am still confused our office in the process of renewing a contract with an insurance company and they have included the 90863.

Per the CPT code book it states " for pharmacologic management with psychotherapy services performed by a physician or other qualified health care professional who may report evaluation and management codes, use the appropiate evaluation and management codes, 99201-99255,99281-99285,99304-99337,99341-99350 and the appropriate psychotherapy with evaluation and management service 90833,90836,90838 (do not count time spent on providing pharmalogic management services in the time used for selection of the psychotherapy service)".

with the above I assume it is appropriate to bill 90863 for a MD.

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There are only 2 states that allow Psychologists to prescribe/manage medications.
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Psychologists can bill E/M codes in NM and LA.  They can also prescribe in IL but the status of E/M codes is unclear there.
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