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Are HEDIS/PQRS measures listed on documentation usable for elements to determine billing levels?  I was told by an auditor that because we are paid for those separately, you can't use them in the auditing of the note to reach your billing level.  I can't find this in writing anywhere.  Does anyone know this answer?


Clinical Quality Measures 2017
Care Provider
Full name of Primary Care Prov: xxxx

PHQ-2,All Ages,w/in past 2 wks
PHQ-2 Screening Date Q1Yr: May 16, 2017
Felt down, depressed, hopeless: No
Little interest in doing thing: No

Depression Scrn, 18+, #002
Adult: PQH-2 Scrn & follow-up: Recorded: Depression screening perf, Negative screen (ZOLOFT FOR PTSD.)

Tobacco Status, 18+, #138
Screen today / last 30 days: Yes
Smoking status: Former Smoker (QUIT IN 1984.)

BMI Screen, 18+, #69
BMI Ranges
Normal: Age 18-64 years BMI between 18.5 and 25
Age 65 years and older between 23 and 30
BMI screened/plan documented: Recorded: BMI high-plan documented, Reason: overweight

Control High BP, 18-85, #165
Receiving Dialysis Care?: No Dialysis care, No Dialysis care assessment, No Dialysis access maint, No Dialysis education

Fall Risk Screening, 65+, #139
Fall risk: Other
Fall risk level: Moderate

Colrectl Ca Scrn, 50-75, #130
Colorectal screen performed: Yes
Colectomy, total?: No

HM Cerv Ca Scrn, 23-64, #124
Hysterectomy?: No

HM Breast Ca Scrn, 40-69, #125
Mastectomy, left?: No
Mastectomy, right?: No
Mastectomy, bilateral?: No

Is patient a diabetic: No

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