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Just a quick question we have seen in our practice about coding -

If a new patient (never seen by your practice ever before) comes in specifically for their HTN to be evaluated by a cardiologist (despite the HTN being long standing for many years on meds), as the cardiologist do you consider this HTN a "new problem" (since your practuce has never seen this patient before) and hence worth 3 or more problem points in and of itself--- as opposed to "established HTN" which is generally worth only 1 problem point ?

Appreciate any dialogue and justification.
Thank you.

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When it comes to new problem, it's new to provider not patient. If the patient is new to your cardiologist, the problem is new.

Once established with the cardiologist if they come back for a follow up on HTN, it's no longer a new problem. However if they develop angina or a MI, those would be new problems.

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