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Patient gets admitted in the morning under Observation status. You do H&P on day 1. Next day (day 2) patient gets changed to inpatient as meets criteria.

How do you bill initial H&P - Observation or Inpatient?

Do you need to do another H&P if changed from Observation to Inpatient?

This is a common scenario - where patient gets changed from Observation to Inpatient. How are practioners billing for this for Medicare v/s other insurances?

Another question- Pt Observation for 2 days and 3rd day changed to inpatient?

Do you bill H&P (day 1) and Progress note (day 2) as Observation and Day 3 as Inpatient progress note or do you bill Inpatient from day 1 as patient changed to inpatient.

Do Billers hold Billing to see if patient changes from Observation to Inpatient before submitting billing?

Every practioner has to go through this scenario - will appreciate their input and experience.

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Initial H&P has to be observation codes,sebsequent day can coded as inpatient,no need of H&P for inpatient,upto discharge inpatient series will come.
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Initial H&P can be observation codes(day1),subsequent days can coded in inpatient series (99231,99232,99233),no separate H&P required for inpatient.upto discharge inpatient series will be used
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