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Is it anytime that I order morphine (other IV narcotics), Ativan etc this is considered high risk?

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Yes.  When you start, stop or adjust a parenteral controlled substance, you are engaging in high-risk medicine.  It's listed right there in the table of risk.  PJ.
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If the patient has Opioid addiction or dependence, and he is in rehab facility for Opioid addiction. He has history of using parenteral controlled substances. Is  the risk  - High? MDM - high complexity?
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The Opioid dependence could be 'chronic with mild progression', 'chronic with severe progression', 'acute or chronic illness that may pose threat to life or bodily function' on table of risk depending on the documentation.  'Parenteral controlled substance' is a Management Option based on the provider's recommendations, so I would not pull from that for this patient.  
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Would IM injections of narcotic medications be considered parenteral controlled substance?
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