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How do I get credit in my current note for history taken in the HPI  of a previous note?
Can I just say "see previous HPI for a certain date for more detail"? 

Thank you

Sam Cipoletti

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The HPI documentation is the only element of the history which the provider has to document each time when face-to-face with patient. You would be able to state you reviewed and agreed with other parts of the medical record documentation from previous visits (with dates) and summarize them in the current medical medical record.

The HPI consists of:

A narrative of the patient's symptom's or illnesses since onset or since previous encounter. It is the only component of history that must be personally obtained and documented by the provider. And always document Chief Complaint.
HPI Elements for calculating level of HPI include:
Location, Duration, Quality, Modifying Factors, Assoc. Signs & Symptoms, Timing, Context, Severity

Hope this helps!
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